Kroger W2 Form – How to Get W2 Form For 2023

The Kroger W2 Form is an essential document for every Kroger Employee. They can get it online as well as in person. This post has mentioned the instructions to get your Kroger W2 Form 2023 online.

Remember, the only thing you need to get your Kroger W2 Form is the Employer Name or Code. Other than that, the steps to get your Form W2 from Kroger are pretty straightforward. So let’s get on with them.

Kroger W2 Form Details

W2 FormKroger W2 Form
PurposeEmployees Tax Returns Submission
Equifax My-TaxDownload From Here
W2 Kroger Customer Support1-513-762-4000

What Is a Kroger W2 Form?

In the United States, a document or form that is known as a W2 Form is used by all employers. The purpose of this form is to record the wages that were paid to workers as well as the taxes that were withheld from those earnings.


In addition, according to the law, companies of any size must provide their staff members with a W2 form to fill out. It is essential for you to properly follow the instructions that are given below if you want to successfully obtain your Kroger W2 Form.

How to Get Kroger W2 Form By Main?

You can follow the steps given below to get your Kroger W2 Form 2023 by mail.

  • First, contact your Kroger Branch Manager
  • Then call 1-513-762-4000 1
  • Now follow the steps asked by the operator
  • After completing the steps, you will receive your Kroger W2 Form by Mail.

How to Get Kroger W2 Form Online?

To get your Kroger W2 Form Online, you need to follow the instructions given below.


Phase 1:

  • Although many websites host W2 Forms online, we recommend Equifax’s Tax Form Website. You can visit the Kroger W2 Form website at Enter your Employer Name or Code and click the “Login>>” button.

Phase 2:

  • If you don’t know your Employer’s Code, you can simply enter “Kroger” as your employer and choose the location of the store you work in from the given options. After that, enter your user ID, which is case-sensitive, and tap the “Continue>>” button.

Phase 3:

  • After that, you must follow the on-screen instructions to get your Kroger W2 Online. And remember, if you don’t have an existing account on Equifax’s Tax Form website, you can click the “Register Now” button beside the “User ID” section and create a new account.

Kroger Tax Forms Graphic Guide


About Kroger

In 1883, Bernard Kroger founded the American international firm that would later be known as Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. It owns and manages roughly 2,720 food retail locations throughout 35 states and the District of Columbia under several banners and divisions. Its stores include hypermarkets, supermarkets, superstores, department stores, and 130 jewelry stores (782 convenience stores sold to EG Group in 2018).

Kroger owns and manages 2,253 pharmacies, 225 medical clinics located inside its stores (known as The Little Clinic), 1,617 gas stations in supermarkets, and 33 food processing or manufacturing operations. Kroger’s corporate headquarters will be relocating to the middle of downtown Cincinnati on November 6, 2021, marking the beginning of their new location.

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Kroger W2 Form Contact Information

For any queries related to Kroger W2 Form, or any issues, you can contact Kroger Customer Service for further assistance.

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