Target W2 Online – How to Get Target Employee W2 Form?

The Target W2 Form is an important document required by all Target Corporation Employees. You can receive your Target W2 by mail or you can get it online. The process is actually pretty simple. You can visit to get started.

We have provided the additional instructions below to get your Target W2 Paperless Employee Form. Furthermore, Target Former Employee W2 is also hosted on the website. More so, we have also provided the information on the Target W2 Form Help department.

What Is Target W2 Online?

Target W2 Form is a document that shows all the taxes you paid throughout the year. Or in simple words, the taxes that are deducted from your wages are based on the information you provided on your W4 Form. Every employer must provide a W2 Form.


Just like any other employer, Target Corporation also provided W2 Forms to its employees. You can either receive your Target W2 Paperless Employee Form by mail, or you can follow some steps to get a paperless W2 online. Follow the steps provided below to get your Target W2 Former Employee online.

How to Get Target W2 Form?

Follow these steps to get your Target W2 Form today.

Phase 1:

  • In the first phase, you need to visit the website and enter your Target Team Member User ID and Password in the reserved spaces.

Phase 2:

  • Secondly, you need to review your login information and click the “Login” button to access your dashboard. There, locate the W2 Form option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Phase 3:

  • If by any chance, you don’t have an account at, then click the “Create Account” button at the right side of the login section.

Phase 4:

  • On the next page, enter your Employee ID, Social Security Number (SSN), and Date of Birth. Then tap the “Authenticate & Create Account” button.

Phase 5:

  • Now you need to complete setting up your account, and follow the steps given above to access your Target W2 Form online today.

Target W2 Graphic Guide


Target Former Employee W2

If you are a former Target Corporation Employee and want to get your Target W2 Online, then the instructions are similar to the ones used for current associates. So follow the steps given in the list above to receive your Target W2 Paperless Employee.


Furthermore, you can also get your Target Former Employee W2 by mail at the address you used there during your time of employment. But if somehow you don’t get it by mail, you can follow the instructions above to successfully get your Target Employee W2 Form.

More For Target Employees

If you are a Target Corporation Employee, you need to know about the MyTime Target Login. Because using the Target MyTime Login, you will be able to access your Target Work Schedule Online. More so, you will also get your Target Paystub using the MyTime Target Login.

Follow the step-by-step guide by clicking the link above. Furthermore, we have also provided the information about Target Employee Help Line and more. So make sure to give that a look because it may prove beneficial for you.

About Target

Target Corporation is a retailer established in the United States. George Dayton established the corporation on June 24, 1902. Target’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Furthermore, Target employs more than 409,000 people.

Target was also placed 27th on the Fortune 500 list in 2020. The company also manages approximately 1,938 locations in Canada and the United States. Target’s sales in 2021 were estimated to be US$107 billion. This demonstrates how far the firm has come over the years.

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Target Employee W2 Help

For any questions or issues regarding Target W2 Online, you can use the information given below to get assistance from Target W2 Support Department.

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