Walmart W2 2023 – How to Get Walmart W2 Form Online?

Walmart W2 Form is hosted online. If you are a Walmart Employee and want to get your Walmart W2 Online, then we have provided all the steps below.

Furthermore, we have also listed the details about Walmart’s Former Employee W2 Online. So without further adieu, let’s get on with the steps to get your Walmart W2 Form 2023.

What Is Walmart W2 Form?

Walmart W2 is a document required by all Walmart Associates. It is required by law to get your W2 Form from your employer. The W2 Form shows how the amount of taxes withheld from your wages. If you think, the tax is too little or too much, you can resubmit your W4 to change that.


But all that aside, Walmart W2 is a necessary document required to have for all Walmart Employees. So follow the instructions given below to get your W2 Walmart 2023.

How to Get Walmart W2 Form?

Follow the steps given below to get your Walmart W2 Form 2023 online.

Phase 1:

  • In the first phase, visit Equifax’s Tax Form Website at Once there, you need to enter your Employer Name or Code and click the “Login>>” button. Remember, you need to use your Walmart Branch Code.

Phase 2:

  • In case you don’t know the Employer’s Code, you can enter the name of your employer instead. After that, choose your store’s location, enter your User ID and click the “Continue>>” button. The User ID is case-sensitive.

Phase 3:

  • Then follow the steps shown on the screen to get your Walmart W2 Form. Furthermore, if you don’t have an existing account at Equifax’s Tax Form website, click the “Register Now” button beside the login section and repeat these steps after you created your account.

Walmart W2 Form Graphic Guide


Walmart W2 Former Employee

You can also get your Walmart W2 Online Former Employee by using the instructions given above. In addition, the employees can also use WalmartOne Login Portal to get their Walmart W2 Form as well. More so, Walmart’s Former Employees can use the 479-273-4323 Number to get help related to Walmart Former Employee W2 Form.

But the steps given above should work fine if you follow them properly. So after you have exhausted all your options to get your Walmart W2 Former Employee, then you can call the number given above to get further assistance.

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Walmart W2 Help

If you have any questions related to your Walmart W2 Online, or you are unable to get your Walmart W2 Form, then use the phone number below to get assistance.

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